What is our plan

Our team focus is to deal with every situation that contributes to homelessness. We’re helping people that are spiritually broken and homeless by providing them with a opportunity to obtain a home either to rent or to become a homeowner. Not only are we helping with their immediate personal and physical needs in terms of shelter and food, we are also providing them with training, real life lessons we are also proving needed soul stirring messages that will give them strength to help them become independent. We are aware of the needs of the individuals and families who are caught up in this vicious cycle of violence and confusion. We believe it is vital to tend to their spiritual physical and mental needs as part of their growth process.
Our plan is to administer programs that will encompass healing the whole man, woman and child; we know that the doors of homelessness are revolving. Homelessness is a serious issue and going straight to the heart of the matter is how we plan to solve it. In getting to know each individual personally finding out their needs and what led them to being homeless is the first step in the process. Developing an individual plan for each person we work with to solve his or her problem is the next major and critical step in our plan. By solving the needs of each individual we will come one step closer to solving the problem of homelessness.
You can join with us as we get people out of shelters and into apartments or houses, where they can feel better about their future. As we get to know each individual on a personal level and meet their innermost needs we will be able to create better programs that can help everyone. Our plan is to keep the cycle of homeless from repeating itself by moving people to a better tomorrow.