Who we are

Joseph Ray


Housing the homeless was founded in 2010 by a vision that God has given to me. The vision is a simple yet profound one, very similar to the one given to Moses “Go Help My People”.
I understand the plight of being homeless at one point being homeless myself. I graduated from a 2 ½ year drug program in the inner city. I am truly sympathetic to the plight of the homeless as I know what it is to want and not have the means. It’s my passion to help those who are struggling to pay for housing, food and medical care. I know it will take a good education and programs that will educate, train, uplift and empower the men women and children we serve. These programs will encourage people to connect with God and we are teaching skills that are needed in this ever changing world. We will help our residents find strength where they may never have before. We will help bring peace to a broken home for the children for the parents.
I have experience in the corporate world as president of a previous company for two years I was in charge of the real estate project from subcontracting to paying all employees. I made sure all matters that came up were taken care of and the real estate project was finished in a timely manner.
As president I would like to thank each of you for your most precious gifts to further the work of God. If you would kindly leave your contact information with the gift you donated to our cause we will contact you to thank you properly. Thank you for visiting HTHI please come back often. We would like to keep you informed of what we are doing in Maryland and across the country. The Staff at Housing the Homeless Initiative LTD are very committed. We will impress upon the minds of each individual and family that we touch that their health, welfare, living condition and longevity of life is most important. We look forward to partnering with you.
Thank You for your Support
Founder and President
Joseph A. Ray

Micheal Feliz

Senior Advisor to the President

My passion as a leader is to develop teams and create systems oriented processes that empower organizations and instill leadership in individuals. I remain enthusiastic and excited about improving organizations led by my leadership mantra, to “promote change through inspiration, challenges, and example.” My accomplishments are directly related to:
• The invigorating, inspiring and vigorous approach I apply to every endeavor.
• Being an expert in sales and territory management but setting myself apart from the masses through a unique ability to see things from both a leadership standpoint as well as a business perspective.
• Assess business operations and my ability to identify and capitalize on human strengths and talents to revitalize sales and enhance operations.
In management, I have consulted with automotive dealerships and was driven by an entrepreneurial spirit. Admiring the level of success, talent, and skills that automotive Dealer Principals possess along with trying to understand their perspective I inevitably asked the question, what skills and talents can I offer business owners who have already reached financial greatness? This quest led me to the threshold of the entrepreneurial door. I am now reinforced with first-hand skills in the areas of market representation, sales, financial analysis, business planning, expense control, personnel training, customer retention and overall business acumen.

Tamica Gaither

Director of Operations

My name is Tamica Gaither, on September 18, 2006, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). There is currently no cure for MS. While it’s been said that I could lose my ability to move and remember clearly, I’ve I been  defying the odds I live in Baltimore, MD.
love to learn and realize that an education is the one thing that cannot be taken from me. Determined to gain more knowledge I attend classes regularly. I currently hold a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Management Science from Coppin State University in December 2006. At American Career Institute I completed a Master Certificate Program in Digital Multimedia and Web Design in October 2011. I am now earning a Master of Education in Curriculum Instruction from Coppin State University to be completed in Fall 2018. Afterward, I will study at Walden University to become a Doctor of Education (EdD) in Education Technology.  I’m a four year Mommy to smart young man. Being his mother is my greatest accomplishment. It means more than any paper I could ever frame and put on the wall.
Studying education and technology will allow me to continue to be a productive citizen as an online instructor even if Multiple Sclerosis decides to rear its ugly head. I’m passionate about everyone receiving a quality education. I want to continue to share my knowledge in economically challenged neighborhoods, schools, and community centers.

Jade Henderson

Housing Director

I am a licensed Virginia Real Estate Agent with over ten years of experience to include investments, buying, selling and land lording.  For more than ten years, I have worked as certified paralegal.  My ability to understand business dealings, corporate set-up, real estate transactions through funding, purchase, rehab, rental and sale of properties will contribute greatly to the Housing the Homeless Initiative.  I hold a Bachelor’s degree in contract management which has afforded me the ability to review and negotiate complex agreements.  As a self-motivator with strong attention to detail, I plan to use my knowledge to assist Housing the Homeless to acquire suitable living situations for all that seek it through the Initiative.

Elissa Mitchell

Nutrition, Health and Wellness Specialist

Elissa Mitchell, originally from Jamaica West Indies resides in Florida. She is a mother to five amazing children and her dog, Flash.Elissa has been in the nursing field for over 20 years where she was blessed with working with children suffering from cancer. Her care for the patients moved her to the education of nutrition, health and wellness. While in the Health Industry, her passion increased during the time she wrote her first two books in an effort to continue elevating the lives of individuals. Her most recent project in the works, is a third book focused specifically on the significance of health, wellness and beauty of women and teens.Elissa brings years of experience to Housing The Homeless through her laser focus on creating a healthier society. She is a highly respected speaker and educator on nutrition and preventative diet concepts within her community. In her “downtime” she runs a small business where she works with moms, corporate clients and physicians in meal preparation and meal delivery. Her business concept also consists of a push toward an overall lifestyle change through making healthier choices in food options, while implementing a detailed fitness routine.
Elissa Mitchell’s passion for health and helping others continues in her work with Housing the Homeless. She is excited to share her knowledge with those in need of health and wellness.

Felicia Abass

Addiction Counselor

I have overcome many obstacles, but through perseverance and determination I made it. As a graduate of Coppin State University, Class of 2013 I received my undergraduate degree in Biology. I returned to Coppin State in 2016 to pursue my Master’s degree in Addictions Counseling, which will be achieved in 2018. As an addictions counselor, I have found my passion, my love for supporting, and encouraging those who desire to change the course of their journey.

Latonya Tate

Senior Human Resources Manager

Hello a little about me I am a dedicated, reliable, honest and outgoing individual. I love helping people but not only that, I see my help shine through others! I know how to deal with people that have needs…needs that go above and beyond the norm. I am a single parent. I have some unique skills being that I spent many years raising my wonderful daughter who has special needs.
I have earned my Master’s Degree in Business Administration/Human Resources. I am putting my education and skills to use with Housing the Homeless Initiative. My experiences include being an entrepreneur where I have started a number of successful businesses. I look forward to growing the vision that is before us; the vision that is being created by Housing the Homeless. We all have a responsibility to help mankind be all that it can be.